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M.D., D.C., Ph.D., DABFM

Dr. Ryan Bentley is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician and Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician. His life-long learning and thirst for knowledge has been focused on delivering the best care possible to the people he serves. His passion is helping those who are suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions that limit their ability to serve their purpose in their family, community, and beyond.

He diligently researches the best and most cutting-edge treatments to help the body heal and regenerate for optimal function. Dr. Bentley’s goal is to create tools and resources to educate patients and physicians to construct objective, quantifiable systems, and protocols to achieve optimal health. He is described as one of the brightest leaders in the field of preventative, lifestyle, and regenerative medicine who specializes in Complex Medical Problem Solving.

A true innovator, Dr. Bentley emerged on the national scene with his engaging seminars and the release of his books “Vessels That Thrive: Choosing a Lifestyle of Health, Healing, and Faith” and “Sex, Lies & Cholesterol,” which are being praised by practitioners and everyday readers alike. Additionally, Dr. Bentley has used his research background to focus on the health of the gastrointestinal system and helped to formulate one the worlds leading probiotics, Probonix. You can read, watch, or listen to Dr. Bentley on this subject at



Carley Dykstra is a dedicated healthcare professional with over ten years of extensive experience in acute care, family practice, and women’s health. She holds a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies and a Bachelor’s in Clinical Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University, where her involvement in the women’s varsity volleyball team honed her team spirit. Her medical expertise is enriched by her unique approach of integrating Eastern and Western medical practices, inspired by her time in India. Committed to a comprehensive approach in medicine, Carley advocates for incorporating a variety of treatment options tailored to individual needs. Outside of her professional life, she is passionate about outdoor activities and sustainable living, maintaining a large garden and raising chickens at her home, shared with her husband and daughter. Carley’s commitment to her family and her environment underscores her belief in nurturing both personal and communal well-being.


Terra Bentley

Terra is the dynamic force behind Vitalis-Health.  She plays a critical role in steering the business towards success. She brings a spirit of helpfulness and a desire to serve others in all aspects of her work. Her adept handling of various pivotal responsibilities has been instrumental in the smooth functioning of the organization. In addition to her professional excellence, Terra is also a devoted mother of three, balancing her career with the joys of family life.  Her leisure pursuit of reading reflects her desire for continuous learning and personal growth. Terra’s blend of professional expertise and personal warmth truly sets her apart as an indispensable asset to both her family and Vitalis-Health.

Stacey Kender

Stacey is the vibrant gateway to the Vitalis-Health Team, greeting patients with a friendly demeanor and understanding. A lifelong resident of her community, she’s been married for 24 years and is a proud mother of four. Her free time is joyfully spent boating, watching her children’s lacrosse games, and volunteering at her local church and children’s school. Stacey seamlessly blends her professional role with her vibrant family life and community involvement, showcasing her commitment and approachability.

Lisa Bomers


Lisa is a dedicated wife, mother of three, and an experienced nurse with an impressive 24-year career in the Emergency Department. She currently works part-time at Vitalis, where her nursing expertise shines. Lisa’s passion for health and wellness is evident in her natural approach to life. Alongside her 26-year marriage and strong faith, she finds joy in traveling, the beach, sunshine, hiking, playing pickleball, and cherishing quality time with friends and family.

Sandra Overway


Sandra holds a BSN degree from Grand Valley State University and has gained experience in Emergency Room and Cardiovascular Imaging. Outside of her professional realm, Sandra is a devoted mother to five children, sharing this journey with her husband Travis. Their life is centered around a simple, faith-driven approach, embracing homesteading activities like gardening, raising chickens and ducks, beekeeping, and enjoying outdoor adventures such as hiking, off-road riding, boating, and fishing. Committed to her nursing vocation, Sandra is equally passionate about sharing practical, achievable ways to enhance the well-being of home and family, always endeavoring to bring joy and hope to her patients and community.

Elly Blouw


Elly is a seasoned Nurse Anesthetist with over 20 years of experience, holding a Master’s degree from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She has worked in critical care units, including those specializing in liver and bone marrow transplants and cardio-thoracic anesthesia. After a brief break from the hospital setting, she became certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.  Elly is a dedicated family person, enjoying quality time with her husband and four sons. They engage in various hobbies and volunteer at school and church. Her passion lies in patient care and ensuring their overall health, a commitment that aligns with the ethos of Vitalis-Health. Her expertise in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy marks her as a pivotal member of the team.

Shari Nienhuis


Shari is a highly experienced healthcare professional with a BSN from Purdue University. She has dedicated 17 years to the birthing center at Holland Hospital, two years to dementia/memory care at an Assisted Living facility, and another two years to private home health care. Outside of her career, Shari is a devoted wife and mother of three, with a deep passion for holistic healthcare and helping others. She is also certified in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). She loves working at Vitalis-Health with like-minded people, where she considers her profession a form of ministry and personal growth.  Her story reflects the intersection of faith and nursing expertise.

Jayne Schut


Jayne, holding a BSN degree from Grand Valley State University, has been a guiding light in the nursing field for over 25 years. Her work experience includes labor and delivery, school nursing, and outpatient surgery. Alongside her husband Bryan, takes great pride in being a mother to three sons and adores her role as a mother-in-law. Her affinity for nature is evident in her love for outdoor activities, especially hiking and tranquil walks, as well as treasuring time spent by the lake with her family and friends. Central to Jayne’s mission is her fervent goal to lead others toward peak health and extended vitality. Embracing cutting-edge medical treatments and therapies, she is wholeheartedly committed to uplifting individuals, guiding them to fulfill their divine potential as envisioned by God.

Tammie Milligan

Tammie serves as the welcoming face of the Vitalis-Health Team, greeting patients with warmth and compassion. Living in Holland with her husband and daughter, she finds joy and balance in family life and her passion for reading. Tammie’s attentiveness and genuine care for each patient’s experience embody the team’s commitment to excellence in proactive health. Her role is pivotal in fostering a nurturing and efficient environment, essential for the team’s focus on health and longevity.